BS-CMS Download

Download BS-CMS Flat File CMS for Free here

Here you can download the BS-CMS flat file CMS system. Download our flat file CMS and use it to create your website quickly and correctly. The flat file CMS does not require a database, the only requirements are php 7+ with standard modules enabled and a webserver, typically apache, litespeed, nginx, etc. Please note that you will need FTP access or File Manager access in order to upload the installation files.

Installation is quick and easy. Download the zip file (either here or from github), extract it, upload the files to your webserver/webhost, visit the domain where it is uploaded, and run the install file. If you are attempting to install BS-CMS to a sub-directory please refer to the documentation section on troubleshooting typical problems before beginning the installation as there are some modifications that you will need to make to the index.php and .htaccess file in order to have a successful installation. For most standard installations on standard systems installation will be quick, easy, and successful, however if you run into any issues or problems visit our github channel and submit the issue.

Please remember that the BS-CMS flat-file CMS system is still in beta and being tested and upgraded. It's completely free to use but use it at your own risk, and feel free to modify it to suit your own needs if desired.

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  1. Download directly: BS-CMS Download
  2. Download from GitHub: BS-CMS from GitHub