A Simple, Free Flat File CMS

Welcome to the home of BS-CMS, a simple flat file CMS that's easy to use and deploy. BS-CMS was created by Shane Zentz in 2020 as a simple programming project. BS-CMS is released under the MIT license, meaning that it is completely free to use and can also be modified to suit any of your needs. This flat file cms uses json and xml files rather than an SQL database. Flat-file CMS' have some advantages over traditional database driven CMS' such as speed and they are generally less hackable, however there is a trade off in that they generally offer fewer features and may not be able to handle very complex websites. This flat file CMS is designed mainly for fairly simple, static websites. This is currently just a beta release so not all of the bugs have been worked out and not all expected features have been implemented. This website contains everything that you will need to get started with BS-CMS flat-file CMS, including documentation, themes, and information. You will also find links to download the current (beta) build. Thanks for visiting this website!

BS-CMS Screenshots

Admin Login
Admin Dashboard
Create Page
Themes Chooser
Menu System
Initial Install

Advantages of the BS-CMS Flat File System

  • Free to Use
  • Free to Modify
  • Flat File CMS System
  • Many CMS Features
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Administration
  • Simple, Intuitive Admin Interface
  • No Database Needed
  • Very Lightweight System
  • Excellent Features
  • Fully Customizable
  • Quickly Create Awesome Websites